Sunday, October 17, 2010

Are you happy?!?

That's the question I got at church this morning.  "Are you happy?" right after my new favorite answer to, "How are you?"

"I'm upright, moving, with clothes on -- things are going pretty well!"

My answer wasn't good enough.  "No, no, I mean in your job?  How is it?  Are you happy now?"

Am I  happy now?  Well, I go to work, I work, I get paid, and I try my best.  I'm doing all right. 

"Well, do you think this job is part of God's will for you?"

Wait for it -- my head exploded.  "I don't believe any of God's children can ever be out of God's will for their life, so yes, I believe this job is part of God's will for me.  A long term career, not really sure about that.  But it's where God has called me to at this point in my life.  So, yes, I think it's part of God's will for my life."

"I suppose, but I really think his will for us is to be happy."

WHAT?!?!?  "I find that he wants us to be content not really happy.  And ps. your logic doesn't make any sense."  (I did mention the logic thing.)

And here's my favorite part: "Well, if you're not happy then you're just miserable."

Can we take a moment to breathe thru the frustration?   Ok, we can continue.  "I'm sorry, but unhappy doesn't equal miserable."

"Ok, but that's not the way I see it."

With that I grabbed another half donut and went to Sunday School.  And vowed to pray for my pastor more.

As I've been pondering this post, I realize I should give some history. My mom had these same statements for us while growing up. When I heard them again my brain started reeling.

And I should have pointed my friend at church to the cross: God's will for us is to realize our need of him and that he provides a way to know him thru Jesus. That need exists at the start, middle and end of our relationship with Jesus. In the frustration, confusion, uncertainty, excitement, pain, sorrow, and all other things that might make us question God's involvement in our lives.

It's true - I don't think we can ever be out of God's will as a Christ follower. Could it seem as though we are? Sure. But then we must see the whole picture as God does, and we realize we are right where He wants us to be. That's good news.

Next week, asking God to show up -- isn't he always showing up? And aren't our eyes often closed that we miss him?