Saturday, November 6, 2010

and glasses are back

In 2007 I had lasik eye surgery. I was certain that I was done with glasses and it was good thing as in the middle of the night I had to put my clock about 1/2 inch from my eyes.

But, on Tuesday I heard new news. I had been experiencing horrid headaches, episodes of wooziness, and stuggles with my night time driving. I headed to the doctors to make sure it wasn't a tumor ... I can hear Ahnold now ... every body together, "It's not a tumor...."

And it wasn't. It's my ability to shift from long to short vision distances quickly. And it's some elevated levels of fluid in my ears. And it's the strain on my eyes.

As my doctor said, "when we get older we have to get glasses to help us see in short distances." Are you kidding me? So, the day before my 35th birthday, guess who got to go to the grocery store to purchase reading glasses for my computer work.

Back to glasses we go, and realizing that I could actually now purchase glasses for under $200. Bonus?