Wednesday, August 27, 2008

some more techno attempts

I'm trying again to figure out how to make some of the blog items work.  And instead of contacting the people who upkeep John's Blog, I'm taking it from another site on the internet.  You might notice that on the right side of my screen there is an option to subscribe to my blog.  I know, how hip!  As we speak, I'm trying it out.

And I'm my first guinea pig.  How cute with those fuzzy bottoms.  Once when I had a stack hair cut my hair dresser, Wendy, actually shaved my hair at the nape of my neck.  But, with my cowlick -- fuzzy guinea pig bottom it did resemble.  I know, super cute!

One of my new co-worker/friends and I have been discussing Michael Phelps.  Yes, he is from Baltimore and he is returning to live here.  But, we've become well aware of the fact that he is a 23 year old, bumbling idiot.  Sure, he can swim fast, but he's got nothing much going on upstairs.  i.e. he purchased a $1.4 mill home - 4 floors, 5,000 sf, 1 person living there.  It has a wine room, a poker room, a cigar room, and a billiard room.  There's another condo in the same Fells Point complex which he could have purchased for $250,000 less and with a better view.  But, because it didn't have the billiard room, he went with the other one.  Not the brightest bulb.  

However, tomorrow when co-worker and I go to the pre-season Raven's game (free tickets!) if MP, a huge Ravens fan, shows up ...  I'd let him set next to me if he wanted too.  I don't mind!!!  Besides, I need a date for the Sunday Picnic.  My options are always open.

Subscribe -- see if it works!!!  

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

only to me

There are many times in my world where I realize that the things I deal with can only happen to me.  And to be honest I block them out.  I guess I don't want to be reminded that these things occur in my world, or that I happen to be subject to some cruel act of fate.  (and don't go all theological on me, I know the whole fate issue)  

Today, I truly believe has been an optimum example of what happens to me.  Here in Maryland you basically have to prove that you actually exist in 5 different forms of being to get your license and plates.  I finally got my license and had to proceed to get my plates which requires an inspection.  Guess who failed the inspection?  I did, I did!  And why?   Because my tint was too dark!!!!!  WHAT THE !#$%@%^@^!!?!?!?!  That's right, here in Maryland you can't have your tint too dark because the cops can't see into your car.  Mind you - once inspected with a light tint you can go and get darker tint on the car.  Seriously.  

But, I got my plates, and now I have to figure out how to attach my plates without getting that line of grime under my finger nails.  I asked one of the maintenance people at work if he could help me out, and he was more than agreeable.  Great!!!  Until 5:30 when I realized that I still didn't have my car keys which I had given to Jerry to change my plates!!!!  Walking around and around, calling up and down, couldn't reach Jerry.  But, he did finally bring back my keys and I can now go home.

Only to me -- only on the day that I'm already stressed to the nth degree and can't quite see straight.  And only when I really think I'm going to loss it!!

Oh, my uncle did pass away on Friday.  The service is on Saturday - the day before Promotion Sunday -- only to me!!!  (gosh, that sounds so selfish -- it really isn't, I am going!)  So, I'll be in FL for under 24 hours and down in Ft. Myers.  So close, yet so far.

Monday, August 18, 2008

For the Ladies - notes on being sexy

Dear Friends,

While in Maryland, I have taken it upon myself to keep you informed on the latest trends, the hippest ventures, the things you need to know. And today, I bring to you some of the most important news I've found: how to be super sexy. How? you might ask did Debby find such radical items of information? I'll tell you ...

Last night I got to head into DC for a concert at The Birchmere . (that's right, i've added links -- clink on the underlined words to get to their links.) It was awesome. We headed down for the evening, had drinks and dinner there before the show. We got there so early that we were at the front table -- right in front of the band. I could throw my napkin at the stage and hit the lead singer. That close! We first saw Phil Roy. He has some incredible lyrics. Poignant, impacting, real.

Then we got to hear the main event - Melody Gardot. A jazz singer, she came out and blew us away. She starts with a blues number for all jazz comes from the blues. She then brings out the band and lets "Aint no Sunshine" pulse through the hall ... I know, I Know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know ... you know that one. Hauntingly lovely.

And here's where the lesson began to unvail itself. She was sitting on this little stool, balanced like nobody's business and looking all hot with her bad self and my friend Sundee leans to me and says, "Does she practice being that sexy or is it just natural?"

You have to wonder about these things. And I figure I could learn somethings from this chick - so I started to take notes. Here's what I observed regarding her skills of sexiness. The other girls at the table assisted in creating the 12 ways we noted on how to be super sexy.

Here goes:

1. Drink Cognac -- with a sniffer and all, she sipped that glass throughout the night. It can't hurt to help keep the vocal cords working. VT -- might be a good idea at Christmas with the real trees in the gym. It looks like Apple Juice. Just a thought.

2. Beret -- Melody pulled off this purply backwards beret. You can pull off a killer hat? Sexy.

3. Flippy hair -- flip it back now!

4. Perky set of girls -- you know what I mean.

5. 5" Stilettos -- patent leather black -- and she took them off to play the piano -- seriously.

6. Hip huggin' skirt

7. Shimmery lip gloss -- that stuff didn't budge the entire set.

8. 4 boys - her back up band was awesome, and they were her boys. I really think this might be the most important piece of info.

9. Piano & guitar playing a must - would a violin work instead? I really don't think so.

10. Big silver ring on pointer finger -- which she bought for herself.

11. Sexy voice

12. Lighting -- if only I could have that lighting crew follow me around during my outings.

I know, this might seem impossible. But, I really think we can obtain these heights in our every day life. We did wait in line to ask Melody if she had anything to add to our list. She thought it was very funny and she's going to post it on her blog! One of her friends was at the table, and as he looked over the list he stated, "Melody, you have the coolest fans!"

Make that Super Sexy Coolest fans to you!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fair games

The Howard County Fair was last week.  It was great fun; I got to eat Fried Oreos.  I know, a delectable treat all need to enjoy!  I might not have them again until next year, but so goes life.  Oh, I also enjoyed a great means of roast beef here in Maryland -- Pit Beef.  I think it's what Arby's is based on, but 100 times better.  Yummy.

The fair can be smelled from about 2 miles out -- yeah, cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chicken, bunnies are all at the fair.  And they are some beautiful animals.  Check out this well endowed cow (this farmer told us that just as they make sure girls look pretty in a beauty pageant, so do they deal with cows) and super cute piggy:

I felt so countrified!  And then we hit the rides.  I love roller-coasters.  I love twisty-turny, flip me over rides.  I don't really like fair rides.  I think they are rickety.  So, I decided to go on the high swings.  You know the ones -- those long chains dangling down that have a slight rattan seat and some lame excuse for a security bar.  I go on them with my co-fair-goers.  Once in the air I notice things: 1. we are really high up, 2. we are going really fast, 3. these chains are going to hold me?, 4. we are set right next to the fence that separates the shoulder of US 70 from the fair grounds.  Yep, the main interstate going East-West in Maryland is about 15 yards from the ride.  And as the swings go, we fly over the fence.  Imagine if you can, Debby flying high over a fence certain that the swings are going to detach from the ride and place me in the middle of the interstate.  And then it starts to LIGHTENING.  I start yelling, "Lightening, lightening, lightening, LIGHTENING!!!"  And it seemed like 5 more minutes until we got back on the ground.  I prayed quite a bit in those few minutes -- "Jesus, please protect us, please keep the ride intact, please keep the lightening away, if you want us home, fine, just don't."

My white knuckles and I high-tailed it into the animal areas for about an hour waiting for the rain to stop.  It does and we venture to the safe ride -- the Ferris Wheel.  The last people on the ride, we fly around the circle a couple of turns and then people start to disembark.  Being the last on, we're going to be the last off the ride.  But, we were enjoying the views and I remarked, "Wow, those trees are really getting blown around."  As we start the upward turn of the wheel the wind picks up even more and we start to see people down below head into the nearest building.  And the rain starts, and we're only 1/4 of the way around the wheel.  We try to protect ourselves on the way up and it's not too bad.  But, then we hit the opposite side and the rain is coming in horizontally from that side.  We were soaked.  To the bone.  In t-shirts.  Having a meeting that is to start in 15 minutes.  Seriously.  I could have won a goldfish and let it take up residence in my shoes.

I don't know if I need to attend any more fairs this year.

But I did can plum preserves, hot pepper jam, and green beans.  Might enter them in next year's fair.  Better check the weather report first.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Missing Home

While talking with JG on Sunday, he asked a poignant question, "When are you coming home?"  I've not missed much of Florida -- it's been in the high 70s, low 80s this week -- except my friends.  And so much is happening in their worlds -- TJ1 is going to college this week, J&KJ's mom is needing help, the Preschool is about to open, the walls are being painted, things are happening.  All without me.  And that's sad.

But, as a follower of Jesus, I have the assurance that one day I'll really be home.  Home to walk and talk with my dad, my grandma I never knew, my great-grandma who prayed for me even before my parents were born; to have common ground with Paul and Esther; to converse with my namesake and understand what it meant to really be a woman in leadership.  And I'll get to sit with Jesus, look in his eyes and see the love that he has for me -- enough to live and die for me.  One day - I'll be there.  That knowledge gives me such hope, such anticipation, such eagerness to get this life over with -- not in a bad way.  But, often when I've heard someone has died, I do ask if they knew Jesus and then blast them for getting to see him sooner than me!  They're so lucky.

I don't know however what to do with someone who won't be with Jesus.  My uncle John is dying.  Back in May he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  I really didn't think it was that big of deal.  I didn't comprehend that he might actually die from this, at least not so soon.  This past Friday, August 8th, he was admitted to Hospice.  He's declining, he's leaving us -- he doesn't know Jesus.  

Would you please pray for John?  Pray that in these last days of his time here on earth the reality of not going home will grip him.  That the Holy Spirit will interact with his thoughts and his heart to draw him into the loving arms of our good and gracious God.  Pray also for my aunt Judy "from Long Island" - she knows Jesus, but it's hard for her to grasp that someone else is worth living living for.  Pray also for my family as we walks along side my mom's sister in the midst of the sorrow, the anticipation, and the weight of it all.

Going home is a lovely thing, except when there is no one with open arms waiting for you.  When there is no one willing to pick up their skirts, roll up their sleeves, spot you across the way, and haul ass to come and get you into their arms of love -- going home is painful.  

We're almost home and because of Jesus it will be pure joy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Monsters under my bed!?!?

Look at this thing!  It makes me shiver with fright.  Can you guess what it is?  

-- the Phantom Menace's big brother?
-- a relative of the Swamp Monster?
-- my last date?  HAHA -- that's not happening
-- Goliath?

Yeah -- it's an action figure of Goliath.  WHAT THE ...?  They gave these out to the attendees of a Children's Pastors Conference -- are you @$%!# kidding me?!!? Who's gonna want to play with that?  Does the CPC want to give out gift certificates to therapy while they're at it?

Oooo, check out this monster.  Claims it might be Luke's father.  Can actually talk to you if you press one of the buttons on the chest panel.  The heavy breathing threw me off for a moment -- thought it was also my last date.  HAHAHA ... Oh, right - not happening.

Oh, no big deal, just Julianna, a new friend's little one.  Phew - scared me!

How totally cute is this kid!?  She almost matches some of my favorites -- I mean, that Noah kid -- who can really compete?!