Monday, August 31, 2009

There's a change in the air ....

Summer is ending. School starts in the building tomorrow. I will again hear a daily stampede of elephants about 7 times a day as students rush up and down the steps to class. I will have to close my door at 3pm just to think. I will listen in on conversations that have code words for trouble. I will stick my head into situations because someone is crying their eyes out -- there's a change in the air when the summer is over. And that change shows up in more ways than one.

Rehearsals for Christmas shows kick into gear. Can hardly believe it, but it's happening again. This weekend we had a killer show to raise money for our theatrical program. Our revue of songs were accompanied by a sucre torte, fresh fruit tartletts, assorted cookies, pound cake with fresh fruit, and chocolate cups with melba cream. It was so good. Our play list:

Magic to Do - from Pippin
Hola Lola - from Dear Edwina
Pick-a-Little/Good Night Ladies - from Music Man
What is this Feeling - from Wicked
My Philosophy - from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
Solla Sollew - from Suessical the Musical
We Beseech Thee - from Godspell
Matchmaker - from Fiddler on the Roof
Stranger to the Rain - from Children of Eden
I'm a Woman - from Smokey Joe's Cafe
Sit Down, You're rockin' the Boat - from Guys and Dolls
Saved - from Smokey Joe's Cafe
Happiness - from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.

It was awesome! We rocked it out. But now, we've got to change our mindset to Christmas music. Change is in the air.

It was 60 degrees this morning. I'm heading up into the attic to start pulling down my scarves. Everyone keeps telling me it's going to be a hard winter. Nuts. Gratefully, even in the harshness, it won't be lonely. Friends and family are coming to visit. I'm hoping to get to O-town for a b-day visit. Mom and I are heading out on a cruise. And then to sit in the house waiting for the snow to hit. Change is in the air.

Babies are being born like weeds. The 7th grandchild in our family was born last weekend. She was born just as the 1st grandchild was starting graduate school. How crazy is that?! I was 11 when #1 was born. And here I am, 33 years old and #7 comes around. Change is in the air.

And when it comes to me -- I'm seeing definite signs of change. I'm not remembering things as well. I'm not metabolizing foods as well. I'm exercising just to have more energy! But, I'm also seeing God work in my heart more too. His grace is exuding in ways I never would have guessed. He's helping me to love, be patient, be gracious, be forgiving in areas I wouldn't imagine possible.

Change is in the air. Not so bad all the time!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Win the Jesus Storybook Bible audio

Ok, I'm a groupie.

I love Sally Lloyd-Jones' stuff. I love the Jesus Storybook Bible. I give her book as gifts. I follow her random blog. I actually have email conversations with her. And I use her book all the time with my Toddler and Preschool classes. And her Old MacNoah had an Ark is darn right funny ... "and a poopoo here and a poopoo there..." Seriously funny stuff!

Any who.... they are giving away an audio copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible! It's for bloggers to win. So, as my dear readers are often bloggers themselves, go for it!

Click here for the survey to enter.

You can paste this into your blog also:

Hope you win!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Christmas in July/August

Dear Friends,

While you have been away, I have been very busy. So busy in fact, that I've already been preparing for Christmas. Over the next few blog posts should you see any item that has been canned -- know it might be coming to your home during the holidays.

I have made:

6 jars of bread and butter pickle slices
7 jars of sweet pickle spears
7 jars of raspberry preserves
1 Halloween themed table runner

I might make:

blueberry preserves
peach pie filling
Quilted Christmas ornaments
Homemade bread

I will become:

sick of canning
certain I can never fully clean my kitchen
the maker of gifts extraordinaire!

Oh, and in the midst of all the above fun, I have:

fogged my house for all things disgusting and gross
had very weird dreams, one which included an actual beetle in my bed
started rehearsals for an August 29th performance, see previous posts

Nothing going on here -- just a development of slight insanity!

Merry Christmas!