Thursday, July 21, 2011


editor's note: My adventuring days are at a end it seems. I'm working, rehearsing for productions and trying to stay slightly sane. However, my ability to go off and find new things is limited. And honestly, that kept me from blogging. What adventures do I have to write about? My last trip to the copier? Not too fun. So, the blog has officially changed -- to "Story time with Debby." Kids these days love it, so we're sticking with it!

I love reality television.  Especially when it's everyday people doing amazing things: So You Think You Can Dance, Amazing Race, Survivor, and newly added, Master Chef.  Mainly because I refuse to watch the Bachelorette and nothing else is on during the summer months on a Monday at 9pm.  But, I digress.

This Monday on Master Chef they had a challenge of which Jennifer won... I'll be honest, I came in late to the show on Monday, so I can't even tell you what dish she made to win, but it doesn't matter for the story.  As her reward for the challenge she got to pick out what the special ingredient for the next task was to be.  She was also given the opportunity to either stay and cook during the next challenge or to take a glass of champagne, be safe from elimination, and watch her fellow contestants battle it out. 

After much deliberation, Jennifer decided to stay and cook again.  That means that after winning the last challenge with a great dish, she was going to put herself in potential jeopardy with a soon to be created dish.  She said she wanted to make sure she got into the top 10 by cooking and not by just sliding into the spot because she got a free ride. 

Well, guess what happened?  Her dish was crap.  She was in the bottom three and almost left the show.  The judges were so shocked at her.  Why did she give up the free ride when she had it in the bag?  Why did she feel she had to go and prove herself all over again?  Her proof was already displayed.  Instead of being ok with what was already presented on her behalf, she decided to do it all over again.

And I do that same thing every day.  As a follower of Jesus, my status is already proven.  I don't have to do more, I don't have to defend myself, I don't have to make sure my point is taken or my stance is accepted.  In Jesus all is done.  I'm acknowledged as good, my security is found in him, my worth is already established.  But, everyday I try to make sure I've done just a little more to get ... acknowledgement, recognition, acceptance, status. 

We all do it don't we?  We all want to make sure we are proven when as Christ followers we already are.

So, go.

Take a drink of champagne and realize your worth is already established and made possible by Jesus.