Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Under Pressure

I have a problem.

You all know that I really like who God has made me to be. I love what he has done in my world, through my world, for my world. I love that this laughter factor is part of what he envisioned for me to be. I love how I think about things, how he shows up in random places, how Jesus whispers in his father's ear over and over, "She's one to love! I died for her, she's my sister." I love that he's used me in so many ways and not just by my actions, but who I am affects people -- for good things!

And yet, even when I know I am exactly who God wants me to be -- all the while molding me to be more like Jesus -- I doubt that and act otherwise. Some friends up here are trying to set me up with men they know. And having given them the permission to pass along the info on my blog, my awareness that they might be reading this is causing me to act differently. I'm fearful to be as funny. I'm cautious to not be edgy. I'm not acting like the Debby I was made to be. Really, I don't trust what God has done is a good thing. I'm more willing to listen to Satan's lies that God isn't really interested in making me something that brings him glory -- so I have to change in order to make me "better." As Mr. Proko used to say, "That's a lie from the pit of hell!" Everybody, now, let's say it together! Straight from the pit of hell!

In the same nature, this past weekend I realized another lie I tell myself. While attending the PCA's CE&P conference in Hotlanta - yes I was there, no I didn't call my dear Smith friends, yes I'm terribly sorry - we heard Anthony Bradley rock it out in a talk about teens and the church. One major point of his talk is the pressure that we place on teens: to be the best in their class (only one person can be the best), to have a certain job/major (wouldn't it be more honoring to God to let the kid pick the job/degree that best suits what God has made them to be), to demand so much of a child that they lose a kingdom perspective (you must do sports, you must do extra-curricular, you must be with the rights kids, you really have no time to engage with kids who need Jesus). It dawned on me: do I have this idea that I must have my house to look a certain way before I can have people over? Do I put such unneccessary pressure on myself that I cease from letting people come over to be loved? Is my pride really the limitation of my kingdom impact? It is.

We all want to be accepted by others. Jesus spoke to this in John 5:43-44 "For I have come to you in my Father’s name, and you have rejected me. Yet if others come in their own name, you gladly welcome them. No wonder you can’t believe! For you gladly honor each other, but you don’t care about the honor that comes from the one who alone is God." -- We want the praise from others rather than the praise from the One who made us exactly how he wants us to be. And we limit ourselves to reach out to others because of our desire for their approval.

I'm sorry, dear readers, for limiting the fun, the joy, the entertainment of what God has given me.

I'm sorry, newly found Maryland friends, for not letting you just come on over into my world simply because I got junk laying around.

I'm sorry, possibly potential dates, for not being real or all that God has made me to be. Perhaps you should disregard the last few posts -- they were written with hesitation. I will make every attempt to impress. Who am I kidding!??! I can't make it happen...it just does.

PS -- it snowed yesterday as I was driving home! It snowed in a place where I live!!! It was awesome!!! Not so awesome was having to scrap the ice off my window after DWTS. Off to purchase a real scrapper so I don't have to rely on my driver's license to handle the job each time!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, you tell me -- is he cute or is he cute?!!?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Fairy Godmother -- finding new meaning

When I was in high school, we performed Cinderella and I got to play the Fairy Godmother. I wore this 20 pound dress with glitter in my hair. I started the show and scared some people right out of their chairs. I got to live a dream of "creating" special moments for people. It was awesome!!

On Sunday, I was privileged to "sponsor" my godson, Henry. His baptism, or paptism as the bulletin called it, was scheduled this week because I was able to be here. So, I'm in Hot-lanta watching a precious baby be loved on by 2 grandmas, 1 step-grandma, and 1 90-year-old great grandma. Let me tell you, the fight between these women to love on that baby -- hilarious! They tease, taunt, and stab like momma monkeys fighting in the jungle to pick the nits off others backs. And the grandpas just tear up to see the second round of their lines prospering. (And all were cheering for the Gators -- we train them early!)

About 12 months ago, while pregnant, C & E asked me to be their baby's godparent. I really wasn't sure what that meant. But, I agreed ... having known C since the 3rd grade, we've been bff for over 20 years, I knew that I wanted to be involved with this soon to come child. And now, he's here. Man, is he cute!!! I know, you think I'm bias (and I don't have my camera cord to upload some pics, but I will.) C actually said, "I'm trying to be objective, but I still think he is a cute baby." It isn't surprising that the g-ma's were so crazy over him.

While at church on Sunday, the baptism took place and we were charged with raising this child to know who God is, know what Jesus has done (and still does), and how the Spirit will continue to act in his world. And as godmother, I am charged with guiding him spiritually alongside his parents. I'm to remind Henry of the covenantal promises of God. And I can't imagine anything more special. Now, as I sit with the little one and read part of his "Jesus Storybook Bible," I'm living the dream.

Oh, and he is cute!!!! Those little cheeks, the attentive eyes, the intelligent actions ... nope, not bias at all!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My 33rd Birthday on 11/3

60 Facebook greetings
12 Greeting Cards
9 Phone calls
5 Birthday cakes
3 Serenades
1 Balloon
32 Birthdays in Florida
900 Miles from home

Knowing I'm loved? You guessed it -- Priceless.