Monday, January 26, 2009

My Xmas Trip

My Christmas trip was full of fun and extra surprises!

First, I flew into Orlando and was picked up by D and K.  My sis-in-law was in search of a toy for Christmas, so we headed to Downtown Disney.  Such fun!  Even at 50 degrees -- for Florida, chilly!  Here's K in the Village!  We had a blast together.

We headed to G-ville for fun, movies, shopping, dinner, shopping, colds, and sleep.  Christmas was super, fun gifts, blessed times and a great deal of shorts and flipflops!  Too many got sick, you might have been one yourself.  But, with a ride from my mom to Orlando, I got to stop and see my sweet friend, Karen at her work.  It was such fun to see her.  It was short, but good.

I headed to the G's.  We partied, shopped, laughed, played the card game and just spent time together. Tried to post a good photo, but it won't load.  It was so great to see them and spend time at Owood for church on Sunday.  Loved it!  It's been hard up here, the worship isn't the same, the styles are different, and it makes me miss OPC alot each Sunday.  And to be there and worship - for real, for the first time in a long while was sweet beyond words.

From there had lunch with my bro and wife - D & M.  Got a nice wind chime from them.  Am afraid the wind will take it down, but am ambitious to have it up longer than 3 days!  Headed for a few days with the J's.  Delivered cookies, went shopping (4 times at Publix in 8 days -- nice!!!), laughed, talked, watched movies, ate yummo food - thanks KJ!!  And had a great restful time.  And let's just say that when people are off, they don't want to be seen where they work, thus explaining those who picked me up one day!

I had one last lunch with the M's.  They did vow to disown me if I didn't visit while in town.  Next time, staying at their house!  Promise.  And with a swift DM ride to the airport, I was gone out of the land of shorts and sandals.

Here's a picture of my friend A and her 2 kids.  T was taking the picture.  A & I have been friends for over 30 years.  What is up with that?!?!  

Phew, I feel like I've stormed through a whole month of excitement.  Well, not a whole month, but loads.  Will get back into the groove of things soon.  

But, for my celeb gossip friends: get ready for Dr. Carter to return to ER; can't believe Katarina and Maksim are engaged (DWTS); and am really excited to see the new Nathan Fillion series on ABC.  Oh, and if you haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire -- go see it.  It is worth it and it is awesome.  It called to my heart to go to India and love on some kids.  Powerful.  Oh, and by the way, if I see another Hallmark commercial and it makes me cry, why I oughta!  D - it made me think of you!! You know who you are, crying cryerson!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Big Day. Big DAY!

Only have 10 minutes to type as we are getting out early today. That's because it's snowing!!! I know, how terribly exciting!

So, there is so much to be said. I've been in a bit of a funk lately. I think I always get this way after the holidays and the New Year. I can't make resolutions with the fear of failure. But, I do think about what resolutions I'd make. Also, I come to grips with the reality that it's another year and I'm still single. Most days I don't mind, but every now and then it creeps up on me and I ponder what is going on. I'm doing alright at the moment and constantly remind myself that I'm right where God wants me to be. And am learning to be OK where he wants me to be!

Tomorrow is the Inauguration of our 44th President. It's big -- especially up here. Had thought about going, but it's going to be crazy. Loads of people, way too much traffic and lots of chaos. Oh, and it's cold. On Saturday it was 3 degrees in the morning. Yeowzers! I went to IKEA anyways. I'm that dedicated. I'll be honest, regarding Obama, I'm a bit scared. I don't know where our country will go, I don't know what plans he really has for change. I hope my fears are unfounded and don't actualize. I am praying for God's continual leadership and protection for our by Tuesday, Jan 20, 12pm President. And again, I'm reminded that he's just where God wants him, and our country, to be.

My job is going along smoothly, but I think I need to shake it up a bit. Try some new things, take some risks, enact more change. It is scary, and I don't like doing it, but I must. I must put myself out there and really have some confidence that I can take chances. I can provide opportunities for the kids to do big things and make a difference in our world. Will keep you posted on those plans.

Did I mention it's snowing?!?! Next time, will give a shout out to my Xmas fun. I haven't reported on it, but it was great!

Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 -- what a way to start a year!

Here goes -- the first post of 2009 ---


How cool was that game last night!?! I'm so excited and am trying to keep my obnoxious "booya's!" to a minimum. I almost went into the office today just to taunt people. But, I'll refrain my eagerness and keep the celebration to a minimum .... all building up for Sunday when I kick open the door at church and taunt all the Ravens fans who might or might not win tomorrow.

This past week I was in Nashville for a Children's Pastors Conference. It was our first real break from ministry since the Summer. Mind you, we continued taking emails, writing curriculum, planning activies, but it was an overall beneficial time. Did get to learn a great bit about writing curriculum and story telling for kiddos. I have to remind myself that I don't have to implement all the ideas right away, but can slowly begin to incorporate them into my plans.

I also learned some stuff about kids and service projects. Our church's motto is "Healing, Renewal and Peace." So, we can realize that we've obtained healing and renewal from Jesus and that he provides peace. But, our peace isn't complete unless all around us are in peace with God, the world and others. My question has been, "How do our kids project and create situations of healing, renewal and peace?" Hopefully these lessons learned will provide guidance for the ministry.

But, the super fun of the week long adventure was getting to see my old friends A & T with their little ones. A and I were little ones together in the nursery down in South Fl. We then went through all grades at the same school. T came to our school in Middle School and we've all grown up together. It's so odd to see friends from so long ago here with their own 3 and almost 2 year old. We all "wandered" - the kids ran - around the Gaylord Opryland Resort -- in which each room has their own zip code. It was just a thrill to see them. Will post pictures ASAP!

Alright, dear reader, I'm off to Costco. I've not been for about 2 months -- I know, tragedy in its own merit. But, a sale is to be had. Oh, other sale news -- check this one out for envy value:

From Talbots outlet for a total of $67
4 Merino Wood layering sweaters -- they can be washed in the machine!!!
1 Pima Cotton Pink longsleeve shirt
1 Red silk cardigan with lace at the bottom
1 Royal blue with sequins and beading cocktail dress -- HELLO!! Orginially $200 got it for $15!!!

Yowzers! Top that!

Oh, GOOOOOO GATORS!!! Gator Nation!